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The Intergalactic Trashman is a 2D platformer and space exploration game: face your destiny and save the galaxy from the growing darkness.


Kepler is the main character and he is your avatar in the game. He is a little and cute creature, and he always go with his loyal partner Xana.

Driving his spaceship, Kepler has to explore the galaxy’s planets fighting thousands of enemies, solving challenging puzzles and of course, collecting trash.

Different scenarios, dozens of weapons, terrifying enemies, intrigues and plot twists, tons and tons of trash and much more!


In order to collect all the garbage generated from the last War, Dr. Hobbes, a brilliant scientist, created “The Intergalactic Trashmen”, where Kepler started to work recently. The game will take you with him in his journey through space after he finds his friend and mentor, Goyold, seriously injured. He was investigating one mysterious factory when he was attacked...

Kepler will continue Goyold’s investigation, and he will find himself involved in a conspiracy of epic proportions.


Kickstarter Update #9: Main characters part I

May 11, 2015

Hello everyone!

Today we want to introduce the first four main characters of the game:  Read more..

Kickstarter Update #8: Game progress since the beginning

May 7, 2015

We started The Intergalactic Trashman’s development back in early 2013. Read more..

Kickstarter Update #7: 2D Platform themes + We’ve got Greenlit!!

May 5, 2015

Hi everyone!

We wanted you to know that The Intergalactic Trashman has just been Greenlit!!  Read more..

Kickstarter Update #6: The Intergalactic Trashman 2D Platform Tech-Demo Release!

May 4, 2015

We finally got our tech-demo out!!!!

Read more..